Raven's Call

Raven's Call
Haida Raven

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Vineyard update

Finally, some warm weather. It sure seemed like this year was challengingly cool...
Here is what we face in the Puget Sound AVA (courtesy WSU viticulture website: http://winegrapes.wsu.edu/gdd.html )

Yeah - we're the pitiful blue line at the bottom. Roughly half the growing-degree-days (GDD) of our eastern WA growers.
So here is where we are at, with respect to Growing Degree Days, compared to a number of prior years. (All reference data is from the WSU Puyallup Experiment Station, which is only a mile or so from our vineyard.).

You can see that while we were off to a dismal start, we are actually not in bad shape now compared to many years (2009 was exceptional...).
On to the crop. Here is a recent shot of the overall vineyard.

and the fruit set on the Mad Ang and Regents is very good.
and the rows of grapes look great

The Pinot noir and Pinot blanc just don't do so well here, yet they are looking better this year. Here are 3-year plants.

I've started wondering what causes tendrils to curl around objects. I took some close-ups of some tendrils.